Malaysia is a colourful country of different cultures and lifestyles, islands and ancient jungles, quaint old towns and swish modern cities. The feather in its cap are the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in the world today. The country has a long history and its eclectic mix of cultures – Indian, Chinese, Malay, tribal – makes it an interesting place to visit.

Malaysia is a federation which consists of thirteen states (Negeri) and three federal territories (Wilayah Persekutuan). Eleven states and two federal territories are located on the Malay Peninsula while the remaining two states and one federal territory are on the island of Borneo.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Gunung Datuk

Some Useful Information about GUNUNG DATUK

The information board at the start of the trail explains the background to the nameDatuk. It seems the mountain was named after Dato' Perpatih Nan Sebatang who in 1372 organized a gathering of leaders here to elect the future Dato' Lembaga (clan chief).

Datuks in those days must have been a fit bunch of guys.

The Climb

Gunung Datuk is 884m high (2900ft), making it slightly higher than nearby Gunung Angsi which is around 22km away. On my list of Malaysia's Highest 300 Mountains Datuk comes in at number 220 meaning that it is a relatively minor peak but the highest one in Negeri Sembilan state on my list.

The starting point of the climb is probably less than 80m above sea level meaning that the actual height climbed is a solid 800m or so.

The distance covered is 4.6km each way as the bird flies meaning that the actual distance covered is probably considerably longer (sorry I did not measure it!).

It normally takes about 2 hours to reach the top and somewhat less coming down.

The path is pretty well defined all the way except at the very beginning. My sons and I managed to miss the start of the trail and spent half an hour floundering about in the jungle before we returned to the proper starting point.

Strips of red and white or yellow plastic tape are tied round branches periodically to let you know you are on the right track.

From the car park you descend a path to a stream, cross the bridge and find the correct trail (this is where we were initially lost).

The trail starts to climb immediately and the first hour or so is a fairly brutal ascent over twisted tree roots, rocks and dirt.

Bug's Life

You will pass a wrecked gazebo with only the roof remaining intact. It appeared that the legs have been eaten away by termites and we saw a huge termite mound not far away.

We could hear apes whooping away and occasionally glimpsed them high in the tree tops.

Down at feet level were various insects, including a giant red Malaysian centipede (about 6 inches long and very fast moving) and what looked like monster wood-lice which rolled into a ball when disturbed.

We did not encounter any leeches but there has been a prolonged dry season this year. There are probably some after rain.

There were plenty of unusual looking mushrooms and fungus growth feasting on rotting trees.

After a while the path becomes slightly less steep and you might feel a refreshing breeze which is a welcome relief from the draining humidity. (Bring plenty of water/drinks with you. We had 1.5 liters each and it was only just enough.)

Eventually (it seems longer than 2 hours) you arrive at an open area beneath the summit which is presumably used as a campsite.

From here a number of steel ladders enable you to climb up the massive boulders which dominate the peak of the mountain. The ladders look a bit unsafe but they were not as scary as I feared.

On the summit you can rest on the flat boulders, enjoy the magnificent views and feel the cooling breeze. You are supposed to be able to see the Straits of Malacca on a clear day but it was partly hazy on our visit.

Look out for a footstep-shaped impression in one of the boulders which is said to have been made by the legendary Malaysian hero, Hang Tuah.

Coming back down is easier on the heart but hard work for the knees and leg muscles.


We enjoyed the hike which was short but strenuous. If you are wondering which to climb, Gunung Angsi or Gunung Datuk, I would recommend Datuk for its superior views.

How to Get to Gunung Datuk

View Gunung Datuk in a larger map

If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, exit the North-South Expressway at Exit 223.

At the T-junction after the toll, turn left.
You will reach a round-about where you should turn right (3 o'clock exit) sign posted towards Rembau. From Rembau town you will see signposts directing you to Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk (or Dato') which will take you along route N111. After 15km or so you will see a turning to the left pointing to Gunung Datuk. After a short drive through a rubber estate you will arrive at the Gunung Datuk base camp where you can park your car.

You need to register at the office and pay fees.
Facilities and Fees

The friendly guy at the office told us that we were the only climbers that day (a Wednesday) but that it gets busy at weekends. I try not to be the first person of the day on the trail because of the spider webs (see my Mountain Climbing Tips) but there was no other choice that day.

Fees were increased in June 2011from last year 2011 and are as follows:

Climbing Fee RM5 per person
Camping Fee RM 3 per tent
Tent Hire (holds 4 people) RM5 per tent

The flat space just below the summit looked quite good for camping although there are no facilities apart from a very rustic toilet. I noticed that someone had sprinkled yellow rat poison around the circumference of the camp site so perhaps there is a rodent problem at night. If campers would take their rubbish back down with them rather than trying to burn it the problem might be improved.

Climbing Guide:
-less than 20 people RM60
-25-50 people RM120
-more than 50 people RM180

It is not necessary to employ a guide and we were not offered one.
Chalet Rental RM50 per night or RM30 for a half day.
Rubber Tapping RM2 per person.

If you want to call the office (Koperasi Gunung Datuk Rembau Berhad) their number is 06-4381046 and email:

Email: / further inquiry. Contact directly Rajan - +60196504595 / Sara - +60123611880

Monday, December 19, 2011


Gua Charas Located at Panching 26km north of Kuantan is Gua Charas. The caves owe their fame to a Thai Buddhist monk who came to meditate here 5 years ago. It is a steep climb up a stairway to the caves’ entrance and one need to be careful. 

There is a colossal sleeping Buddha Cave off to the right as well as other Buddhist and Hindu GOD statues "JALA LINGAM" .

If you are into rock climbing or bouldering, the Charas Caves is an ideal climbing spot, which takes approximately 15 minutes to scale to the top. For the more intrepid adventurer , there are a myriad of other caves to explore. 
Panching Cave (aka Charas Cave according to sources) is a limestone cavern with unique rock formations and is not only visited by tourists but archaeologists and geographers. It is actually a Thai-Buddhist cave temple with the enthralling statue of the 9 metres reclining Buddha.
Surprisingly, there is an admission fee to visit Panching cave. For an adult, you pay RM2. For a child, you pay RM1.   
Be very careful while descending into the cave’s opening as the path is steep and slippery. It’s really amazing to see such an extraordinary big cave when we walked through the entrance.
Again, be careful with your steps, just like any caves, the ground is slippery.
There are notable rock formations in this limestone and granite cave. Does the rock in left pic look like a dolphin? The rock formation circled resembles the goddess Kwan Yin.
There are many altars in this cave.
Here we are. It’s the sleeping Buddha on the altar located deep in the cave.
The Indian devotee who manages this temple cave was distributing joss sticks to people who wanted to make offerings to the JALA LINGAM.

Rajan (60196504595) or Sara (60123611880) /
For more details on trip

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Singapore Tour

Private Tour: Malaysia Johore Bahru Half-Day Tour from Singapore

The private guided Johore Bahru Malaysia Half-Day Tour from Singapore starts with a visit to a handicraft center to observe batik painting.

This is followed by a visit to Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque before arriving at a Kampong.

Singapore Tour

Private Tour: Singapore Haw Par Villa and Round-Island Day Trip including Lunch

Take a private tour of Singapore, Haw Par Villa and Round-Island Day Tour offers an interesting insight into life outside the city of Singapore.

The full-day tour starts with a visit to Haw Par Villa, a theme park of Chinese mythology with exhibits of legendary figures.

Singapore Tour
Private Tour: Singapore Zoo Night Safari Tour with optional Buffet Dinner

A trip to Singapore would not be complete without a stop at the world's first Night Safari.

This private tour of the Singapore Zoo will unfold the mystery and drama of the jungle at night with stunning effects.

You will be lead on a tram ride to cover a loop of the Zoo where you will be able to view animals in complete safety and comfort. For the adventurous, walking trails are available!

Private Tour: Singapore by Night Tour with Dinner at Clarke Quay

Enjoy dinner at Clarke Quay night markets at the famous Bugis Street in Singapore and the city skyline by night.

Also enjoy a famous 'Singapore Sling' at the world renowned Raffles Hotel - as the saying goes 'If you have not been to Raffles you have not been to Singapore'!
Private Tour: Singapore Jurong Bird Park Tour

A private tour of Singapore Jurong Bird Park which is located on 20 hectares of lush greenery in Singapore and is home to over 9,000 birds from more than 600 species. Enjoy a ride on the Panorail for a panoramic view of the Park, see a Penguin Exhibit and don't miss the Bird & Buddies Show!

Singapore Tour

Private Tour: Singapore Zoo Morning Tour with optional Jungle Breakfast amongst Orangutans

Enjoy the flexibility of this private Singapore Zoo tour where you will experience a new concept in animal keeping with the Singapore Zoo's beautifully landscaped gardens and very few cages. This morning tour is your chance to enjoy an optional 'Wild Breakfast" with three of the friendly animals, including the famed Orangutan.

Singapore Tour
Private Tour: Raffles Hotel Singapore Half-Day Tour

Find out how Singapore became a vital international port and trading center for the Far East with this Raffles Hotel Singapore private tour. This private tour begins with a visit to the Raffles Landing Site, with a stop at the famous Raffles Hotel - a hive of activity for the high-society in the 1800s, and famous for its 'Singapore Sling' cocktail. The Raffles Hotel Singapore Tour continues with a bumboat cruise down Singapore River before stepping off at Clarke Quay and visiting a Pewter Gallery to discover the history of pewter and role of tin in the development of Singapore as a trading port.

Malacca Malaysia Day Trip from Singapore including Lunch

Head out of Singapore on a full-day trip to Malacca, Malaysia's most historic city.

You'll visit historic sites including St. Paul's Hill, where St. Francis Xavier spent time interned, and the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. You'll also see the Portuguese fortress of Porta de Santiago and enjoy a Malaysian lunch in Malacca.
Private Tour: Singapore Shop and Eat Heartlands Trail Tour

A gastronomic delight! Tour Singapore privately and be introduced to famous dishes while you explore the colorful side of Singapore. See sights like the delightful Holland Village, an interesting bohemian enclave while sampling delicious food along the way.

Singapore Tour

Singapore Haw Par Villa and Round-Island Day Trip including Lunch

Take a Singapore round-island day tour to Haw Par Villa, Singapore's Chinese mythology theme park crammed with statues of legendary figures.

The full-day trip also retraces Singapore's World War II history, with visits to Kranji Dam, Kranji War Memorial, Bright Hill Temple and Changi. 

Private Tour: Singapore City Half-Day Tour

On this private tour you will get orientated with the city of Singapore, visiting Supreme Court, City Hall and Parliament House. You will experience a spectacular view of Marina Bay as well as stopping in Little India and Chinatown. Singapore in a nutshell!

Singapore Tour

Private Tour: Changi Village, Chapel and Museum Half-Day Tour from Singapore

Your private three-hour tour begins with a visit to the Malay Village in Singapore, which showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Malays and reveals life in a Malay Kampung in the 50's and 60's. Stop at Changi Chapel to visit the museum and see the history of World War II.

Singapore Tour
Singapore's Chinatown Trishaw Night Tour

Explore Singapore's vibrant Chinatown on a balmy evening tour that's filled with activities. After exploring Singapore's Chinatown and enjoying a Chinese dinner at a Chinatown restaurant, you'll take a tour with a difference by trishaw through Singapore's exciting Night Market then cruise along the Singapore River by traditional cargo boat.

Singapore Tour

Singapore Sentosa Island Afternoon Trip

Expand your Singapore experience with an afternoon visit to Sentosa Island, Singapore's relaxing island resort. You'll travel to this island haven by scenic cable car, see pink dolphins at play in the Dolphin Lagoon, visit the Underwater World oceanarium, see the Images of Singapore, enjoy the multi-sensory sound and light water show, Songs of the Sea.

This action-packed, family-friendly afternoon tour to Sentosa Island is guaranteed to please children and adults alike.
Admiral Cheng Ho Singapore Harbour Dinner Cruise

For an enchanting evening filled with romance, look no further then this two-hour Admiral Cheng Ho Singapore Dinner Cruise.

Admire the lights on Sentosa and ships in the Western Anchorage. As the sun sets take your seat and savor an international buffet dinner as you sail Singapore Harbor.

Singapore Tour

Singapore Zoo Night Safari Tour with optional Buffet Dinner

Grab the chance to take the family on a Singapore Zoo Night Safari Tour through the jungle. From the safety of your visitors' tram you'll spot nocturnal animals in their natural habitat, from fierce predators to timid forest dwellers. Then take the plunge to follow a walking trail with your guide to see the animals at closer quarters. At the Singapore Zoo there's also the option to enjoy dinner at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant.
Singapore Turf Club Horse Racing Tour

Head to where the action is! Join in the fun, glamour and excitement of winning, nothing beats watching a thrilling horse race at Singapore Turf Club. See a race under the stars at level 3 in the Grandstand with excellent views and full service bars.

Special Offer - Price displayed currently includes FREE and exclusive Singapore Turf Club souvenir (while stocks last) - BOOK NOW!

Singapore Tour

Singapore by Night Tour with Dinner at Clarke Quay

Savor Singapore after hours with dinner and a trip to the Raffles Hotel on the Singapore by Night Tour. Your evening on the town starts by dining riverside at Clarke Quay.

After dinner, take a nighttime tour to Singapore's vibrant Night Market and Bugis Street. Your evening tour continues to the famous Raffles Hotel with the option to enjoy a Singapore Sling, Singapore's signature cocktail.
Singapore Peranakan Trail Food Tasting Tour

A culture tour of the unique "Peranakan" people in Singapore. Take the Singapore Peranakan Trail with food tasting tour and look into the history and lifestyle of the Peranakan people through an exhibition of their finest clothes, jewelry, furniture, customs and festivals. View traditional Peranakan shophouses dating back to the early 1920's, and area that still draws people for the delicious local food.

Singapore Tour

Singapore 1942 Battlefield Afternoon Tour

Singapore's war history well researched and explained in an exciting and insightful way! Join the tour as you debunk myths and slice through deceptive propaganda.

If you enjoy explosive action, subterfuge, intense drama, this tour is a must-do! Find out why Singapore, touted as the 'Gibraltar of the East', fell like a pack of cards during World War II. Highlights on this walk include Labrador Battery, Alexandra Hospital, Mount Faber and Kranji War Cemetery.
Changi WWII War Trail and Museum Tour

This is the gripping tale of brave men and women who fought and were interned during the Japanese Occupation in World War II. This motorcoach tour takes you to Changi Museum, Johore Battery, Selarang Barracks and Changi Village and Beach. Now an idyllic seaside spot, Changi was once witness to countless atrocities committed in several prisoner-of-war camps.

Singapore Tour

Raffles Hotel Singapore Half-Day Tour

Retrace the colonial history of Singapore on a jam-packed half-day tour. Highlighting the influence of Sir Stamford Raffles, the 4.5-hour afternoon tour takes in Singapore's elegant Raffles Hotel and Raffles Landing Site.

You'll indulge in an afternoon tea buffet at the Raffles Hotel's renowned Tiffin Room and enjoy a famous Singapore Sling cocktail, or have a choice of tea and cake at a traditional Chinese bakery.

Singapore Zoo Morning Tour with optional Jungle Breakfast amongst Orangutans

See the orangutans at Singapore Zoo on a morning tour from Singapore, with the option of enjoying a wild breakfast with these fascinating animals.

Singapore Zoo has the world's most successful orangutan-breeding program, and the largest social colony of these highly intelligent primates. Don't miss the opportunity to photograph and interact with the orangutans as they swing and climb in their naturalistic enclosure. And if you choose to breakfast with the orangutans it will be an experience you'll never forget.

Singapore Shop and Eat Heartlands Trail Tour

A gastronomic delight of Singapore's famous dishes is introduced to you on this tour while you explore the colorful side of Singapore. Like the delightful, Holland Village, an interesting bohemian village. Sample some of the delicious food along the way.

Singapore Jurong Bird Park Tour

Take a ride on the air-conditioned Panorail for a panoramic view of Singapore's Jurong Bird Park and into a tropical world of jungle mists at the Waterfall Aviary. With this 4-hour tour you'll also enjoy the spectacular Penguin Exhibit with an underwater viewing gallery and do not miss the Birds & Buddies Show, reputed as world-class.

Sentosa Island Images of Singapore Morning Trip with optional Underwater World

See a different side of Singapore on a morning tour to Sentosa Island. Just minutes away from Singapore by scenic cable car, you'll visit the"Images of Singapore" attraction and experience the city's local culture and vibrant heritage. The option to visit Underwater World oceanarium and Dolphin Lagoon is also available before returning back to Singapore. 

Malaysia Johore Bahru Half-Day Tour from Singapore

The Johore Bahru Malaysia Half-Day Tour from Singapore starts with a visit to a handicraft center to observe batik painting. This is followed by a visit to Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque before arriving at a Kampong.

Singapore Tour

Singapore Changi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge

One of the most arduous parts of your flight can be the wait in a stuffy, crowded airport departure lounge. At Singapore's Changi Airport, travelers are offered a convenient, fully serviced and sophisticated environment for work or recreation - a touchdown area for use between meetings or flights. Located at Singapore's Changi Airport (Terminal 2), this lounge is open to passengers in transit, 24 hours daily and is perfect for all your transiting needs!
Changi Village, Chapel and Museum Half-Day Tour from Singapore

Visit the Malay Village of Singapore, which showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Malays and relives life in a Malay kampung in the 50's and 60's. Stop at Changi Chapel and visit the museum, here you will be able to see the history of World War II.

Singapore Tour

Singapore City Tour with optional Singapore Flyer

Get to know Singapore on a morning or afternoon half-day tour. You'll see all the city's highlights in one short tour - perfect if your time is limited. Highlights include Singapore's vibrant Chinatown, colonial landmarks, Little India and thec iconic, Merlion. You also have the option of combining your city tour with a 30-minute flight aboard the Singapore Flyer.
Singapore Flyer

Discover Singapore on top of Asia's most iconic architectural and engineering marvels - the Singapore flyer. Towering 165 meters above Singapore, the Singapore Flyer is the world's largest observation wheel at 30 meter higher than the famed London Eye.

Singapore Tour

Admiral Cheng Ho Singapore Harbor Cruise

Choose between a morning or afternoon departure and join this fully narrated 2.5 hour Admiral Cheng Ho junk boat cruise for a fascinating insight into Singapore from the sea. Cruise up the Singapore river and admire the magnificent city skyline and pass the spot at which Raffles stepped ashore to find modern Singapore.

Mr. Rajan (60196504595)or Mr. Gunalan (60176764942)

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