Malaysia is a colourful country of different cultures and lifestyles, islands and ancient jungles, quaint old towns and swish modern cities. The feather in its cap are the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in the world today. The country has a long history and its eclectic mix of cultures – Indian, Chinese, Malay, tribal – makes it an interesting place to visit.

Malaysia is a federation which consists of thirteen states (Negeri) and three federal territories (Wilayah Persekutuan). Eleven states and two federal territories are located on the Malay Peninsula while the remaining two states and one federal territory are on the island of Borneo.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Gua Charas Located at Panching 26km north of Kuantan is Gua Charas. The caves owe their fame to a Thai Buddhist monk who came to meditate here 5 years ago. It is a steep climb up a stairway to the caves’ entrance and one need to be careful. 

There is a colossal sleeping Buddha Cave off to the right as well as other Buddhist and Hindu GOD statues "JALA LINGAM" .

If you are into rock climbing or bouldering, the Charas Caves is an ideal climbing spot, which takes approximately 15 minutes to scale to the top. For the more intrepid adventurer , there are a myriad of other caves to explore. 
Panching Cave (aka Charas Cave according to sources) is a limestone cavern with unique rock formations and is not only visited by tourists but archaeologists and geographers. It is actually a Thai-Buddhist cave temple with the enthralling statue of the 9 metres reclining Buddha.
Surprisingly, there is an admission fee to visit Panching cave. For an adult, you pay RM2. For a child, you pay RM1.   
Be very careful while descending into the cave’s opening as the path is steep and slippery. It’s really amazing to see such an extraordinary big cave when we walked through the entrance.
Again, be careful with your steps, just like any caves, the ground is slippery.
There are notable rock formations in this limestone and granite cave. Does the rock in left pic look like a dolphin? The rock formation circled resembles the goddess Kwan Yin.
There are many altars in this cave.
Here we are. It’s the sleeping Buddha on the altar located deep in the cave.
The Indian devotee who manages this temple cave was distributing joss sticks to people who wanted to make offerings to the JALA LINGAM.

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